Francesca Carlton, Team Leader
Phyllis Knight, Program Development Officer
Jane Allen, Support Officer
Elizabeth Ingles, Support Officer


Sydenham Neighbourhood House has several volunteers whose tasks include administration, teaching and assisting to run events and programs.

Volunteer West now has a Volunteer Information Officer based at Sydenham Neighbourhood House every Friday who can assist people interested in becoming a volunteer. Volunteer West has a data base of volunteering opportunities throughout the western suburbs.

The Volunteer West Information Officer can:

  • Match you with a volunteer position that can meet your interests
  • Provide you with information about volunteering opportunities
  • Arrange a list of agencies for you to contact
  • Provide ongoing support, advice and will advocate on your behalf
  • If you require further support or are from a linguistically different background we can also contact agencies on your behalf to arrange an appointment and assist with the application process if you experience problems

To make an appointment with the Volunteer West Information Officer please call Sydenham Neighbourhood House on 9249 4224. Appointments are available every Friday between 9.30am-4pm.

Advisory Committee

The Sydenham Neighbourhood House Advisory Committee held its first meeting on the 15th December 2011. There are five members on the committee, all of whom have been volunteers at the centre. The Advisory Committee have developed and endorsed the Terms of Reference, Position Descriptions, Key Actions and the annual Business Plan.

Neighbourhood House

Neighbourhood Houses are known by many different names. These names include:

  • Community Houses
  • Living and Learning Centres
  • Neighbourhood Centres
  • Learning Centres
  • Whatever the name these places are local organisations that provide social, educational and recreational activities for their communities in a welcoming supportive environment.


Brimbank City Council’s Vision

The Neighbourhood houses are driven by Brimbank City Council’s Community Plan. The plan views Brimbank is a diverse community, and will be an active and connected community living in sustainable, well designed, safe and accessible local areas with high participation in community life.

This vision embraces the needs and aspirations of the whole Brimbank community. Implementing it over the next 20 years will result in improvements to the life-long learning, health and wellbeing of all community members and a community with high resilience, hope and achievement.

The Brimbank Community Plan describes the community’s vision and priorities for the next 20 years and establishes a shared basis for joint planning, service delivery and advocacy. It will be the foundation for Council’s partnership development with community members, community groups,
service providers, local organisations and State and Commonwealth Government organisations.

The Community Plan is based on community consultation conducted during 2008. Through the community consultation process, participants were clear about their vision for the future based on an understanding of the strengths within the community and the opportunities for improvement.